Schoology for Parents

How to log in and use Schoology (skoo-luh-jee)

Parents with Children in Multiple Buildings.

Schoology requires parents to have an account at each of the schools (buildings) their children attend. For example, if you have one child at a High School, and one child at a Middle School, you must have accounts at both schools, and use the linking feature to toggle between accounts. To set up different account you must use different email addresses.

By keeping both accounts, and linking them together, you can access all content from a single login. This feature also allows each school to manage your parent account settings appropriately, and to communicate with you seamlessly.

Adding Students who are in the same building to your Account

Schoology Android App Demo

Student Tutorials

Students will be introduced to the Schoology tutorial courses. If they need assistance and have not done joined the course, please use the codes below.

  • AGHS Course code - 2FFFD-K46MH
  • FSE Course Code - XMKSM-MGB2B
  • Elementary coming soon.

AGSD Parent Guides

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