Board of Directors

Board of School Directors

The Avon Grove School Board is comprised of 9 voting elected officials and a non voting 10th member (Superintendent). The nine elected officials represent three regions which serve 7 municipalities and townships. The board meets both as a full board and in sub-committee formats. The full board meets twice monthly; the second Thursday monthly is the committee of the whole. The fourth Thursday monthly is the regular business meeting of the Board. Every Tuesday is a scheduled committee meeting...More


Residents of Franklin Township and London Britain Township comprise Region I. Region II is comprised of Penn Township, New London Township, and Voting District #1 of West Grove Borough. London Grove Township, Avondale Borough, and Voting District #2 of West Grove Borough comprise Region III.

Region I

Charles F. Beatty III
Term: 2015-2019
Committee: Finance, CCIU Legislative

Brian Gaerity, Vice President
Term: 2013-2017
Committee: Finance - Chair,
Communications/Community Engagement - Chair, Personnel

Patrick Walker
Term: 2013-2017
Committee: Policy - Chair, Facilities

Region III

Herman Engel
Term: 2015-2019
Committee: Curriculum - Chair, Finance, Co-Curricular

Bill Wood
Term: 2013-2017
Committee: Curriculum, Policy, Communications/Community Engagement

Bonnie Wolff, President
Term: 2015-2019
Committee: CCIU Board, CCIU Authority Board

Region II

Jeffrey Billig
Term: 2015-2019
Committee: Co-Curricular - Chair, Facilities, Personnel

Edward Farina
Term: 2013-2017
Committee: Facilities - Chair, Curriculum, Communications/Community Engagement

Tracy Lisi
Term: 2015-2019
Committee: Personnel - Chair, Policy, Co-Curricular

School Board Committees

There are seven sub committees of the Board, each with a specialized focus on governance related to the district’s operations...More

Upcoming Board Events

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