Software-Services Description

AGSD Description of Software & Systems (Partial Listing)

Google Apps for Education (GAFE): GAFE is a suite of online productivity tools used to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, forms, email and drawings via the secure Google domain ‘’. The applications can be accessed from any device and saved locally or on the secure Google AGSD domain.

InfoSnap: InfoSnap is the online application used to collect and manage new student registrations and the annual submission of returning students’ information. The data collected via InfoSnap is automatically and securely transferred to PowerSchool.

Official Payments: Official Payments is Avon Grove’s secure payment portal for parents and taxpayers to remit online via credit card, debit card or check routing number. Bank fees may apply.

PowerSchool: The student information system (SIS) is the secure database that maintains all student information for accountability purposes such as: demographics, grades, attendance, discipline and class assignments/scheduling. PowerSchool creates official documents like report cards and transcripts as well as the required reportable data for the state and federal government. One username and password provides access, however, the features available are different depending on the school attended, i.e. the high school has more features available then the elementary school.

Schoology: The learning management system (LMS) is the secure online platform where students and teachers can interact, while at-school or at-home, synchronously or asynchronously. Like an online classroom, digital content is available in the form an integrated calendar, lessons, assignments, projects and other instructional content. Since Schoology is Avon Grove’s unified online source for teaching and learning it provides access using one username and password.

School Messenger: School Messenger is the unified communication platform for email, text and voice messages, including emergency notifications. Notifications can be sent by the school or district manually or automatically based on type of message. Unsubscribing or blocking School Messenger notifications will also prevent the receipt of emergency notifications.

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