Avon Grove High School
Student Drop Off and Pick Up
To ease congestion in front of the school and on State and School House Roads, parents are reminded that in the morning, students are not to be dropped off in front of the school or in the back faculty parking lot. Student drop off is at the entrance to the 200 wing and cafeteria which is adjacent to the student parking lot. 
AGHS Upcoming Dates
As the beginning of the school year is here, please keep in mind some important upcoming dates: 
Avon Grove School District Appoints New High School Principal
The Avon Grove School District is pleased to welcome Scott DeShong as the new principal of Avon Grove High School. DeShong replaces principal Tom Alexander who is now serving as Director of Educational Support Services. DeShong has been principal of the 2,400-student State College Area High School for the last three years, and prior to that was principal of Lemont and Houserville Elementary Schools in the State College Area School District for four years.
Student Dress Code
To ensure that all students and parents are aware of our school policies and expectations, the Student Parent Handbook will be available to all by going to www.avongrove.org, going to student or parents, and then to handbooks. 
Homecoming Booth Requests
Although we are in the midst of enjoying our summers, it is that time of year to begin thinking and planning for the annual Avon Grove Homecoming Celebration. Attached you will find a Homecoming Booth Request form, a listing of each group and what their booths offered at Homecoming last year, and information regarding the Volunteers. 
Food Allergy Awareness
A number of our students suffer from food allergies. The most common is peanut allergy. An allergic reaction can range from mild (itchy mouth) to severe (anaphylaxis), a potentially deadly reaction. There is no cure. Strict avoidance of the food is essential. 
Welcome Back Message from Dr. Marchese
With just one week of summer vacation left, the Avon Grove School District would like to welcome you to the 2015-16 school year. We are looking forward to seeing your children, and you, in our buildings again.   
PowerSchool Portal Open for Parents!
Dear Parents and Guardians, the NEW PowerSchool portal and app are available for the 2015-16 school year. Please use these NEW links. 
AGSD Centralizes Volunteer Clearance Process
The Avon Grove School District values and encourages our parents and community members to volunteer in our schools. We believe that volunteers make a valuable and unique contribution to our faculty, staff and students. All volunteers who wish to support school and district sponsored events must have the proper clearances on file at the Avon Grove School District Administrative Office.
Parking Applications for the 2015-16 School Year
We are still accepting online parking applications for the 2015-16 school year. Any parking application's entered after August 17th will be put on the Wait List. As of September 14th staff will have a better idea of what spots are available and at that time the Main Office can begin fielding any questions through incoming phone calls or emails and notifying wait-listed students as to spot availability. 
Spring Keystone Report Distribution
Those students who participated in the Spring Keystones will receive a copy of their results on the first day of school, Monday, August 31st. Please carefully review these reports with your student.  
Student Accident Insurance Available
As in years past, parents/guardians have the option of purchasing additional accident insurance for students. See the 2015-2016 Voluntary Student Accident Insurance Brochure more details and an application form. Completed forms should be sent directly to AMA for processing. 
AGSD Centralizes Student Registration
Welcome to the Avon Grove School District! Whether your family has recently moved to our area, your child is transferring schools or your kindergartener is going to be heading to school for the first time, the Central Registration Office offers everything you need to enroll your child in any of our four schools.
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